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Audit & Assurance

Most of the licensing authorities including free zones in the UAE have regulations requiring annual audits. Audits are more than a statutory requirement. Audits provide shareholders as well as other stakeholders (primarily lenders) with an independent third party assurance as to the accuracy of accounts and the ability of the business to trade as a going concern. Audits provide independent assurance to any party that may be considering investing or purchasing your business.

Our audit assignments are led by qualified auditors with a commitment to highest standards of professionalism. Throughout the entire audit process, we work alongside our clients to understand the underlying business, address critical issues, recommend improvements to increase control, reduce the potential for fraud, and assure stakeholders as to the accuracy of the accounts. We review, analyze, and evaluate risk in each area of the audit and focus on matters relevant to the validation of the audit opinion. The audit aims to deliver practical advice to our clients and serve as a valuable tool to help them develop their business.

In addition to the annual statutory audits, we also provide internal audit services and agreed upon procedures which are customized to address the specific requirements of our Clients.